Wine News

Grand Opening Celebration

Truvé Wines officially opened on May 29th, 2015, but we wanted to postpone the big celebration until September to ensure that you—our supporters—could be there. Summer, after all, is the season of afternoons on sparkling lakes, tee-ing off on spectacular greens, and indulging in brews from hollowed-out watermelons.

On September 19th that big celebration finally happened, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. We were lucky to have a warm, late-summer night so that our 250+ guests could enjoy the indoor and outdoor festivities.

From Italian gin, to rare Burgundy, to a flashback of summer sangria, our guests had the opportunity to enjoy over 30 selections from around the world.

In addition to enjoying fine wines and spirits, our guests were also treated to the artistry of pianist, Egor Ukoloff, who performed on a grand piano, graciously made available to us by the Steinway Piano Gallery.

With a spectacular opera cake from award-winning pastry chef Courtney Thomas, and the tremendous sponsorship of our agents, the grand opening of Truvé Wines was event worth remembering.

Oh yes, and the style was good, too!

From all the staff at Truvé Wines, we thank you for your support, and look forward to seeing you soon!